Our ability to structure operations around customers’ KPIs and robust industry experience help us stay focused on your specific logistics needs and deliver value-added service. We support your supply chain with a dedicated solution tailored to your industry specifics. Our dedicated expert teams partner with you, to invent and efficiently implement smart logistics solutions that meet your specific needs and keep your pace day after day.



Our solutions for automotive and mobility customers are driven by our network of business partners. This superior visibility gives you the power to make timely and informed business decisions that keep your business at peak performance.

Apparels & Footwear

We specialize in the handling and management of clothing shipments. Your customers get what they want, faster. We provide direct customer support when it comes to shipping inquiries, and you can track all of our shipments online. Our deep knowledge in trade compliance for exotic materials coupled with enhanced security for both boxed and hanging items provides different brands with a secure global logistics platform for shipping multiple clothing and footwear items.



Safety is key in dealing with hi-end Electronics cargo we make sure that expensive and sophisticated equipment handle with care, arrive on-time and on budget. BMI provides a variety of freight forwarding solutions to safely ship your products to their destination, leaving your customers with a great impression of your high-quality standards.


If you’re in the pharmaceutical manufacturing or retail business and you have a commercial shipment to move, whether it’s across the country or around the world, count on us to provide a cost-effective, all-in-one, door-to-door logistics solution with a decidedly personal touch.


Food & Beverages

Whether it’s inbound production materials, finished goods to distribution centers, interplant work-in-progress (WIP) flows, or shipments to customers, our logistics programs are customized to meet your unique needs.


We offer a wide spectrum of domestic and international commercial freight forwarding services. We focus on your needs to save you the hassle of managing your Agricultural Equipment logistics requirements including all aspects of their shipping needs.


Industrial Equipments

BMI is a prime resource for supply management and optimization. We have the access and expertise to handle specialized transportation needs, ensure reliable delivery, and streamline costs. Our experience in large-scale goods applies to scrap metal companies, chemical suppliers, manufacturers, and energy industries around the world.